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"bolt-hole: a place of escape or refuge" - Webster's dictionary

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Bolthole.com is a mix of Solaris info, Java programming, and other techie tips. Things get added in somewhat chaotic fashion, so what follows is only an abbreviated list of contents. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try the Search Page

Top-level contents

Solaris Topics
Platform-independant Solaris page
Intel-specific Solaris page
Sparc-specific Solaris page
Solaris drivers that I have written
Some featured drivers:
(There are more drivers than just 3, however)

Free software for download
FreeHA, a free High Availability demon
KDrill, My program for helping folks learn Kanji characters
Filter, A classic email filter for UNIX
Java software
Partial subindex:

Programming Tutorials
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (The examples use Java)
Object oriented programming in ANSI-C
AWK, the quintessential line muncher
KSH: All the shell you'll ever need
UDK related info: Helpful hints for Unreal Development Kit

Puppet related resources
Currently, I only have one puppet resource: a Solaris-specific module to allow setting of SMF properties via puppet: svcprop

Linux miscellany
Minecraft Meanderings
AWS (Amazon Web Services) tips