Color Computer history

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I owned a Radio Shack/Tandy "Color Computer" as my second computer. I started with an original "CoCo I", but eventually moved up to the spiffy "CoCo III" model.

I first used the native built-in ""Extended Basic" environment.. but then eventually moved to running microware's OS-9 on it. And thus, my true forrays into programmer started (at around age 16).

Turns out, i was a prolific little... fellow. As I was reminded, by this page. My online identity on Delphi (before internet was common/cheap), was THEFERRET (hence the website mascot!)
I also had a programming article published, in the now defunct "Rainbow Magazine"(named because of the "Color Computer", not because of any other social type of leaning)

Written by: Philip Brown
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