Color Computer history

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I owned a Radio Shack/Tandy "Color Computer". I started with an original "CoCo I", but eventually moved up to the spiffy "CoCo III" model.

I first used the native built-in ""Extended Basic" environment.. but then eventually moved to running microware's OS-9 on it. And thus, my true forrays into programmer started (at around age 16).

Turns out, i was a prolific little... fellow. As I was reminded, by this page. My online identity on Delphi (before internet was common/cheap), was THEFERRET.
I also had a programming article published, in the now defunct "Rainbow Magazine"(named because of the "Color Computer", not because of any other social type of leaning)

This material is copyrighted by Philip Brown

Written by: Philip Brown
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