Solaris Companion CD download sites via pkg-get

pkg-get is a tool similar to debian 'apt-get', that automates downloading and install of packages for Solaris. You can use pkg-get to make installing Sun's companion-CD packages as simple as

 # pkg-get install gcc
You can configure pkg-get to install from a CDROM, but if you dont have one handy, and would prefer to auto-download from a public mirror site, you can now do so. Furthermore, when Sun releases newer versions of the 'companion' packages, you can run
 # pkg-get upgrade
and it will automatically upgrade the SFW packages you have installed.

The archive also has a few extra libraries and programs that Sun has not yet seen fit to add to the official "Companion CD" distribution, but that are highly useful. These packages are designated by a "COM" prefix, rather than "SFW".

Instructions for network use

First, get pkg-get

Then after running it once to set up the config file, adjust /etc/pkg-get.conf to use one of the appropriate URLs below. I recommend using the http ones over the ftp ones, but I recognize that sometimes, people dont have the choice.

The packages have been converted from the original CD's directory format, to "stream" format, which lets you gzip them. If you'd like to run a local mirror for your site, you can update your own server through rsync, through one of these rsync 'URLs'

If you are kind enough to want to host a public mirror site yourselves, please email me, and I'll make sure you get the full information about the master site, etc.

Using pkg-get with a cdrom

If you happen to have a physical companion CD, you can point pkg-get directly at its location, via
pkg-get /cdrom/cdrom0/[appropriate path] install [somepkgs here]
But having a networked server for this sort of thing is much, much more convenient, not to mention faster.

If you wish to volunteer to be a maintainer for a package not already made available, see the standards document

Written by:Philip Brown
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