Solaris x86 laptop notes

This file is an adjunct to the main laptops matrix. It stores any extended install information that is too long to fit nicely in the main page.

IBM ThinkPad T23

To get PCMCIA working with stock solaris drivers, (in PCIC mode), you need to:
  1. Go into the BIOS, and under PCI configuration, change all the interrupts from 11, to 10
  2. Install the free initpcic driver from Xig, and follow the directions in the README file
You will then be able to use only one PCMCIA slot. I think this because the slots are run by separate PCMCIA controllers, and the README only gives directions on how to set up for one controller. The wierd thing is, which slot works, seems to depend on which slot you put the card into, SECOND. The first time you put a card into a slot, the slot shows insertion of a generic memory card, and from then on, ONLY shows generic memory. But the other slot then works properly.

Written by: Philip Brown
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