The Trouble with SparcLinux

[written around 1996]

SparcLinux installation does not seem to be as fully developed as regular linux. Up until [some time in 1996?], there was no easy way to install it on your machine, unless you

a) had a "normally" networked machine
b) spent $100 for a CD from redhat

Neither path was acceptible to me. My network connectivity from home consists of an ISDN link through the built in hardware in my sparc 10, from Solaris. Not exactly accessible for a linux install.
For the other path, much as I appreciate the nice folks at redhat, I have already paid money for an OS for my machine. I didn't want to pay more at this point, for someting I'd just "play" with. So I resolved to try putting something together myself.

But I could not find adequate docs for installing things "by hand"

As a version of the historic FREE OS, I found having one of the two monitary options forced upon me outrageous. However, I was determined to try linux out, and happily, I have a fair amount of sysadmin experience. So I spent a few DAYS cobbling together what would have taken anyone who HAS sparclinux, a few minutes:
A basic rootdisk image for sparc.

Unfortunately, due to disk space requirements, I no longer have this root disk image. If anyone knows of another, more current one for sparclinux, please let me know.

I still keep the instructions of how I made it, though.

If for some reason you are interested in the troubles I had to deal with getting this root disk together , I made a list

In my continued journey into sparclinux, I am making a journal of the best path to follow, for future intrepid HOME explorers. You may peruse my map if you wish.
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