AWS tips

I'm doing some work in the Amazon Cloud these days. So, this is a space for me to share potentialy useful stuff to other folks.

General AWS

A beginners CloudFormation Template
(for in-browser view, click here )

It is useful, because it uses the most tidy syntax, and also because it properly uses template parameters where possible

CloudFormation and Fargate

Fargate is amazon's way of letting people run Docker containers, without also having to pre-allocate a specific EC2 instance, or specify a Linux OS AMI image.
You just define the estimated cpu workload+memory required, and amazon takes care of cluster allocation.

You can bring up an instance manually using the CLI or web GUI... or you can automate it using CloudFormation templates.

Amazon provides a full fancy template version that integretes with its elastic IP and load balancers.

Alternatively, if you just want to experiment directly with simple containers and CloudFormation, I made a simplified template.

Written by:Philip Brown
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