Final Fantasy Online (FFXI) crafting costs and guides

Warning: Most of this is probably dated information now, but the strategies should still basically be good, so I'll leave it up here.
I used to play as "Filip" on Odin server.

These pages used to be primarily about goldsmithing, but I'm branching out ^_^

So here's a top-level table of contents, for what might be of interest to you:

Outside links's goldsmith minimum skill requirement list

koolaid linkshell has a good goldsmith guide as well, but only to level 36

Detailed info on theories of HQ Synths. Moon phase, day, and skill level covered.

Non-crafting info:

Really really good guide on Races and Jobs, with starting stats, as long as other general FAQ type stuff.
Another site has separate jobs and races pages

Weapon skill cap charts, and proficiencies

Random bonus pages:

How I cleaned my non-functional PS2 DVD drive (since I used to play on a PS2)

Items good to sell to NPCs