Philip Brown
5353 Josie Ave
Lakewood, CA 90713

I am a system administrator/software engineer, with a wide range of experience in both the administration and programming field. On the SA side, I have 8 years of UNIX system administration,and am a Sun Certified Solaris 8 network admin.

I take setting up internet/intranet servers a lot more seriously than "lets put up a web server". I believe in methodical configuration and deployment of systems across the board, since today's experimental server may suddenly become tomorrow's critical server.

In addition to admin experience, I have done a lot of programming, which helps me interface with developers better. Some of my programming projects have been solaris device drivers, which gives me a better insight into the Solaris internals. My knowlege of Solaris is also represented by my Solaris certifications: I have passed all of the three Solaris exam levels Sun currently offers.

For a sample of my C programming, you can look at my free "kdrill" program. There have been over 30,000 downloads, and the program is also distributed on the "debian linux" CD-ROM. I also have Java programming experience.

I also have strong shellscripting experience, and can mentor others; a search for "ksh tutorial" (with quotes) brings up my website as the #1 link.

Thank you for your interest.

Philip Brown

Summary of skills


C, C++, java, SQL, Sybase, Oracle,LISP, lex, yacc, awk, csh, sh & ksh scripts, Xaw, Motif, MS-windows GUI programming


HTTP, SMTP, NFS, DNS, NIS+, RAID, DHCP, JumpStart, Veritas Cluster


SCCS, RCS, CVS, Sun Workshop


Solaris, SunOS, MS Windows NT, OS9, MacOS, MS-DOS, MS Windows, RS-DOS, Cisco IOS


Checkpoint FW-1, SunScreen, IP-filter, General security


B.A. in CIS (Computer Science): UC Santa Cruz
Solaris Administrator Level I
Solaris Administrator Level II
Sun Certified Solaris 8 Network Administrator


Teaching junior team members
Capacity planning
Performance analysis
Co-chair of the UNIX Association of Southern California, LA


NIS+, NFS, Jumpstart, DNS, HTML, NTP, SKIP (security/encryption), Cisco, Ascend, Sun Net Manager (SNMP management)


French (8 years, elementary through high school, passed AP exam)
Japanese (passed first year UC Berkeley extension course)


University of Southern California (January 2004 - present)

Solaris System Administrator/Architect
Varied high level technical responsabilities

Washington Mutual (2002 - 2004)

Solaris System Administrator (May 2001 - Oct 2001)

Contractor (UNIX/Solaris System Administrator)

A wide range of responsability, including:

Collective Technology (May 2000 - March 2001)

Consultant [Full time W2 employee of Collective Technology, a consulting company]

[Varied responsibilities, including day to day administration. The highlights are extracted here]

[unnamed startup company]
Boeing Satellite Systems

Merisel Corp (July 1998 - April 2000)

Solaris System Administrator

Primary responsability to keep the warehouse application and database servers running. (Solaris, ultra 1s through E3000s). These are "mission-critical servers". For every 10 minutes the system was down, was money that the company lost. All filesystems and database partitions mirrored. Pagers required at all times.

I spearheaded getting general and historical systems knowledge onto an internal WWW server, as well as maintaining my department's own DNS subdomain and sendmail-based mail server. IMAP was used to retrieve email.

Additionally, my broad knowledge base was utilized to put together an enterprise-wide systems monitor. This covered a wide variety of systems,from database, ftp, email, to SAP monitoring. I wrote a custom java front end, integrated with background multi-process ksh and sql monitoring scripts.

I was also effectively put in charge of the company firewall.

Aegis Star Corp(July, 1994 - June 1998)

System administration and programming (strong in both)

Primarily Solaris flavor of unix, with initial SunOS deployment. I was responsible for all UNIX functionality, both on the development, and production networks (24x7 uptime required) Summary of experience:

Developed significant parts of custom internal software. Development included work with MIME(rfc1521), and tcp/ip communications. Also wrote programs designed to copy and archive all incoming email. This required integration with sendmail, and a separate database. (ndbm-format). Miscellaneous shellscripting was also necessary, for a wide variety of functions.

I was also occasionally subcontracted to a large client, (Fortune 1000 company) to help them with their email systems.


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