FscrollTable demo

FscrollTable is a work in progress. The goal is to have an AWT scrolling table, suitable for use in spreadsheets, etc. I hear that JTable is just too slow and buggy.

The applet below demonstrates that the job can be done. The implementation is pretty rough, but the main point is that you can have a 100x100 cell table scroll rapidly, unlike with JTable.

Note: Your browser has to support loading from a "jar" file. If it doesn't, and you realy want to see this demo, you'll have to download the jar file, extract the classes, and run TableApplet by hand, with "appletviewer" or something.

Note2: YES, THIS IS BUGGY. And there is an additional bug(?) in netscape, where the scrollbars dont kick in right away. Keep playing with them, and it should work.

Oops. If you had java turned on, you would see an applet here.