Listor java class

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[Summary of usage taken from the comments in the code]

 * Listor class is vaguely like a table object. But it is simpler,
 * so it is both easier to understand, and easier to work with.
 * It allows you to lay out a basic "table" of data, and also allows
 * the USER to resize the rows as they desire.
 * Rather than being 'cell' oriented, Listor is row oriented.
 * For example, you can highlight a row, but not a specific field of
 * a row. This simplifies things greatly.
 * There are a few hard-codes in here, but not too many.
 * General use: Create a new instance of Listor, which is a subclass
 * of a regular AWT Panel.
 * You must define the number of columns you want, now and forever.
 * You also should define a total width currently.
 * From this point, you will want to do one or more of three operations;
 *   Define column names, through Listor.setColName()
 *   Define initial column widths, through Listor.setColName()
 *   Add data rows, through Listor.addValues()
 * Note that there is no "changeValues()" call; it is unneccessary,
 * since the values are only referenced, not copied.

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