Known methods to get java to display unicode

This is a quickie index, that may not be 100% up to date. It assumes that your system is already set up to handle kanji display in general, but now you need to tell java about it. Choose the closest match to your system, below.

If you configured your jre correctly, then my unicode test class should display things more interesting than little empty squares. Except if you are on ms-windows, apparently. Then you may want to just use jdrill as your test program.

For the trivial class test, download unicode.class (src = and run with your equivalent of

jre -cp . unicode
You will want to specifically look at the lines marked by 3040 - 30c0
(note: no trailing .class)
(note2: you'll have to kill it the hard way. There is no "quit" button)

I'd love to hear about any specifics that I have missed. Feel free to email me updated information.

If you're looking for a test for non-ascii fonts for your browser, try my JIS browser test page which tests the Japanese range of fonts for browsers.