Hiragana display test (EUC encoding)

This is quickie test to see if your browser can display Japanese chars in the EUC charset.

In netscape, you have to set Options->"Document Encoding" to be Japanese(auto-detect). I do not know about other browsers.

The following string is encoded in EUC format. It displays under netscape for me fine. If you cannot see a string of hiragana characters, that probably means you do not have an appropriate font for your browser to display it with.

クン キン おし.える よ.む くん.ずる

What do do if you cannot see the above text properly?

(First of all, if you can see the above squiggly text, then just ignore the rest of this page!_

Start with getting the right fonts

For windows, I hear there is a free "japanese language kit" you can download from microsoft.
See my unicode java on microsoft pages.

For Unix/X, if you want to specifically display EUC charsets, rather than Unicode, then you need to download something in the "jisx-0208" family.
Sorry, I don't know about other platforms. Although I hear Macintosh owners with an OS older than MacOS X have to shell out $$$ for the Japanese Language Kit. Then follow the appropriate instructions for your browser. [MacOS X users can use the free (?) japanese kit]

Alternatively, you might try the shareware UniText. Please let me know if this works for you.

For java-related font usage [that is, from something based on the JDK], you should look at my quick Unicode How-To guide


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