WWW sites I find useful

For an overview of the world-wide-web(WWW) from its birthplace, take a look around info.cern.ch

Or take a more technical view of the web, at www.w3.org You can get the latest technical specs on what HTML should conform to, as well as some cool web-related tools. Here's a quick-ref link to the HTML 3.2 spec

For historical "Mosaic" stuff, take a look at its home site. This is/was the "original www browser",

And yes Virginia, there really IS an RFC on nettiquette: RFC 1855

Random link, because I want to remember this site: Walt Disney's original plan for EPCOT: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

US state-by-state "no telemarketing offers to me" lists Not all states have this available. But if yours does, sign up here to get less annoying phone calls at home.

Ftp sites I like

[I haven't updated this list in a while. Oh well...]

  • sun ftp site at sunsite.unc.edu. Note: accessing this site directly with the www connection (above) allowed you to search for some types of material!

  • mac progs (sumex-aim.stanford.edu)
  • mac mirrorsite at ftp.uu.net:/systems/mac/info-mac
  • ftp.apple.com, Apple's own ftp site. ftp.support.apple.com is far more interesting. It actually has useful stuff. Like ThreadManager and other goodies for system 7.0 Macs. Sure is slow though. Likewise for www.apple.com.

  • msdos games (ftp.uwp.edu)
  • alternate msdos site (msdos.archive.umich.edu)
  • US mirror site(s) for above

  • tcl stuff (harbor.ecn.purdue.edu). Where to get source for the tcl programming language.
  • Free X software packages at ftp.x.com
  • ftp.uu.net, site of almost everything!
  • ftp.cdrom.com, site of most everything else
  • West coast GNU mirror site (gatekeeper.dec.com)

    Simon Tathan is a cool guy from me homeland, who has not only written a free SSH-for-windoze doohickey, but has also written a lot more for the cleaner side of computing

    I feel dirty for putting in this link, but I had a tough time finding the information. This is a DOS batch Language programming guide.
    ALso, another, possibly better MSDOS batch guide

    And if you're ever trying to patch together a universal DOS boot floppy, you may want the Universal (DOS) CDROM driver. You still need mscdex.exe though.

    Looking for sshd on NT? It's now available, and this page has instructions on how to install it.

    Sample questions for Sun Certification