Simple karaf deployment to Artemis

I've been looking into using the apache Karaf (4.x) container plus camel, and integrating it with apache artemis, the successor to apacheMQ. Oddly, I have found almost no straightforward documentation on how to hook them up directly, using "blueprint" style or other basic direct config. It's mostly been how to connect java programs directly to Artemis instead.

So, here's a trivial direct Camel XML example for it.. Small enough that I'll display it here inline for cut-n-paste rather than download. As recommended by various docs, it uses the karaf JMS framework, rather than the apacheMQ framework.

There are fancier config options documented in other various webpages, but sometimes it's good to see the bare minimum requirements, to facilitate understanding.

The XML below would get placed in $KARAFTOP/deploy/sometest.xml

If you prefer, you can download simple_karaf.txt and rename to .xml
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