Bolthole MineCraft Modder util

This is the home page for the simple "add a minecraft mod" util that I wrote.

You may now download and run minecraftmodder-1.2.jar (March 15, 2013)
It should run equally well on Mac or Windows (or others). You should just be able to download it, double-click on it, and have it run (after the usual java startup lag)

For the paranoid, source code is also available. Please note: this is *my* code, you do not have the right to steal it and go put it up somewhere else calling it your own. You are welcome to use and tweak it for your own puposes, however.

The program essentially follows the sequence of steps given on my "manually adding mods" page. It lets you add one mod at a time, to the minecraft jar file of your choice.
However, there are a few extra handy things it does:

  1. It automatically makes a backup of the "pure" minecraft.jar
  2. It automatically takes you to the minecraft folder
  3. It does all the extraction and reassembly with 2 button clicks.
Plus, you pretty much know exactly what it is doing at every step. Some people like that sort of thing. Not to mention that it just WORKS!
My family tried all kinds of other fancy-schmancy automatic mod loaders, and for some reason, either they didnt work at all... or they left us stuck at particular versions of minecraft. Boo!

How to use

Generally speaking, you're probably going to use it one of two ways.

The simple way

Download the mods you want to your download directory. Open up my minecraftmodder.jar, and use the "Modfile to add" slot, to add in each mod you want.
Click on the "Write to new jar" and if there are no errors in writing, then go ahead and use one of the copy buttons that will then light up.

If you have more than one mod of interest to add, you can even stay in the program and loop through a cycle of:

Just remember that if you mess things up, you can go back to a vanilla minecraft, with the "Unmodded Copy" button.

You will also need to use this button when a new version of minecraft comes out (to save a clean copy of the new version)

The fancy way

If there are lots of combinations of mods you want to use, some of which may be incompatible, then you may want to put together multiple,specially named jarfiles. I will now describe a way for you to put together a collection of modded jar files.

Lets say you have and, that you wish to add.

First, select "" as your "Modfile to add". Then, change the name of the New jar file, to be coolmine.jar.
Go ahead and press the "Write to new jar button.

Next. select your newly written "coolmine.jar" as the source. Then rewrite New jar file to be cool_fancy.jar, and press "Write to new jar" again. Once that completes, "cool_fancy.jar" will contain both and mods.

Time to test it out!

This time, use the "Copy new to minecraft.jar" button, to test the combined result. Then run minecraft, to test it out. If you like it.. great! Keep it. Otherwise, you can click on the "Unmodded Copy" button to Restore the pristine minecraft.jar file,and try new combinations.

Written by:Philip Brown
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