A little bit about ME

For those people who are just terminally curious, here's some information about me .

I am [primarily] a System Administrator by trade. I passed the Sun Certified Solaris Administrator tests I and II, with an average of 90%. I also delve into programming(C++, java, sockets, ...).

I've been fiddling with computers since I was about 9 years old. I started on a cute little Timex Sinclair, or as they were originally created in England, a ZX81. From there, I moved through through Tandy "Color Computers", Apple IIs, and DOS machines.

[ I actually got an article published about Color Computers, in "Rainbow Magazine",May 1989: "BASIC09 Programming Tool". It was a how-to on using shared memory and inter-process communication, under Basic09. At the time, shared memory was relatively new. Using it under basic, was almost unbelievable.]

After the interesting backroads of computing, all roads lead to UNIX (as Bill Gates has found out). I eventually got myself a sun 3/60, and took the plunge. I worked my way up to a sparc 10/100(ross cpu) at home. But I finally gave in to the price/performance troll, and bought a dual celeron 400mhzx2 box. [this was semi-nice at the time I wrote it. sigh...]


At one point, I used to frequent the local SCA chapter, but find myself lacking time for that. I also enjoy singing, acting, tennis, cricket, sci-fi, fencing, and a few other estoterics that I also dont have time for.


Getting from here to there

Now that I'm practically a middle-aged guy, I thought I needed an appropriate means of transportation. Something understated, and sensible.

Phil's wheels

(sadly, the speedster had a little traffic management issue, with a Toyota 4x4, and a left turn, so has moved on....)

If one gets to pick one's own epitaph, this would be my tech related one: Origially at http://www.cuddletech.com/blog/pivot/entry.php?id=137 but currently available via internet archive in original form, at The Wayback Machine.
worst case, locally archived by me.

It's not every day you get called a hero by a guy you've never met.

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