Solaris/Exchange integration

>I am working in a mixed unix and windows environment. i would like to
>configure my SUN workstation to send and receive mail via a microsoft
>Exchange server? can this be done??

Set up either dtmail or netscape to get your mail from the exchange server via "IMAP". IMAP should be enabled by default, so you should have no problems accessing your email, if you make sure to use your NT login name and password

Using the Global Address Book

If you are using netscape as your mail client, you can also configure it to hook into the MS-Exchange Global Address Book.

First, pull up the "Address Book", either with the little 'vcard' icon at the bottom of netscape, or under the "Communicator" Menu.
Use the 'File' menu, and select 'New Directory'
Put the name of your MS-exchange server in the server field, and descrption field.
Change port 389 to port 1389.
(You do not normally need to specify login or password information.)

You should now be able to select that directory server in the address book, and look up peoples' email addresses. Additionally, when composing a new email, you should be able to click on the "addresses" button, select your mailserver on the pulldown, and be able to search for people's addresses.

Unfortunately, where you MAY have problems is setting the exchange server to handle your outbound email. The default is to NOT relay email to outside hosts. That is to say, you would be able to send email to local folks, but not to anyone outside the company.

Hopefully, you can ask your NT admins to change the relay settings on the exchange box to allow relaying from "internal" hosts. Or allow for "authenticated" relaying.

otherwise, your main alternaive is to send outbound email directly from your Solaris box.

Setting up direct outbound email from your solaris box

First, check if you have external connectivity for SMTP enabled. Test it with
# mconnect
You should see something like
after a few seconds. If it times out, you're stuck.
If it simply cannot resolve the hostname, I suggest you run my script and try again.

Assuming the test was successful, then you should configure your sendmail to send email out directly, bypassing the exchange box. Then you dont need to specify an smtp server for dtmail. Or if you really want to, (or you are using netscape) you can use "localhost".

A quick way of configuring sendmail on solaris is to do the following:

# # Note that this MUST be  "", NOT ""
# (echo ; cat /etc/mail/ >/etc/mail/
# sh /etc/init.d/sendmail stop
# sh /etc/init.d/sendmail start
You should then be basically all set. Enjoy your island of sanity :-)

Written by:Philip Brown
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