Word Perfect install guide

This details how I got corel word perfect suite, and thus word perfect 6.1, to run under Wabi 2.2. This is the latest version I know of that runs under mswin3.1. So it's the best version to run under wabi, if you want to be compatible with as much as possible.

Please note that if you are running solaris x86, you don't need this information, becuase you should be able to run the latest linux version under solaris, , by installing the "lxrun" emulator.

The problem is, under 2.2A at least, the non-standard E:\setup.exe prog does NOT WORK. The buttons remain inactive. So, you have to do the install by hand.

This is what I did with the "word perfect suite 7". If you have a different distribution, your mileage may vary.

[under a solaris shell]

   mkdir ~/wabi/corel

   cd /cdrom/cdrom0/corel/office

   tar cf - wp* shared appman | (cd ~/wabi/corel; tar xvfB -)

[Then, in the Wabi realm...]
   Edit your autoexec.bat file, to add the following to your PATH


   This is because it has a WHOLE BUNCH  of shared libraries.
   Add the path to any other shared libs I've forgotten also.

   Then, run "regedit". (File->Run, and type in the command)
   Browse around the \corel dir until you find a bunch of .reg files.
Then, hopefully, you should be done. Please let me know fi I've forgotten anything, and I'll update the page accordingly.

[you'll have to create a new "group" folder, etc. yourself too.]

Written by: Philip Brown
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