HighPoint 366 driver for solaris

This page has the latest news and downloads for my HPT366 driver for Solaris Intel. You will find HP366 IDE slots on some motherboards, as an "extra" IDE chain. The 366 model is rare on newer motherboards these days, but I hear the highpoint 377 one (ATA100) is now common. With some small amount of tweaking, the hpt driver may allow you to eventually use the HPT377 slot as well. I intend to adapt my driver to support hpt377, if someone wants to buy me the hardware

A highpoint 366 controller is identified by the PCI id "pci1103,4".

Currently available for download

hpt-0.9.1.tar.gz (updated Oct 8th, 2001)

YEEEE-HAAAWWW!!! We can mount filesystems now!! (too bad that inode information mysteriously disappears, though :-/ )

Latest news: Fixed problem with writes not working... and am back to "mysterious full machine lock-up" problems in heavy load. sigh. And this still doesnt explain why the ufs driver tries to write past the end of a slice. (the geometry is correctly written by newfs, and reported by 'fstyp -v')

If the above warnings werent clear enough for you:

Dont even think about using this on a critical, or even "important" system!!!

Written by:Philip Brown
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