Fix Solaris Imake config files

There doesn't seem to be a *concise* web page on how to get Sun's Imakefilev config files happy with gcc, so here's a nice short page on how to do it.

The config directory is /usr/openwin/lib/X11/config and it has a whole bunch of files.

The only system config file you should ever change is "site.def".

You're probably looking for how to get Gcc working with Imake. All you have to do is

  1. Uncomment the "HasGcc2" stuff
    (remove the /* and */ around that paragraph)
  2. Right after "HasGcc2 YES", add
    "#define HasGcc2ForCplusplus YES"

Do NOT uncomment the "HasCplusplus" section, since you dont have the Sun C++ compiler

Then you should pretty much be all set!

If you ever want to change anything else, grep for something appropriate in the other files, and look at how it is #ifdef'd. Usually, the desired change is as simple as adding

#define SomeCmd /path/to/command

to site.def

You may have to play a little to determine whether it should go in the BeforeVendorCF section, or the AfterVendorCF section.

Written by:Philip Brown
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