SCCS macro hooks for NEdit

NEdit is a "programmers editor" that compiles and runs well under UNIX. It has good syntax highlighting, and is fairly customizable. It is also written with the assumption that it is a GUI editor, unlike other editors that are text based first, and GUI second.

There already exists a macro file for RCS hooks, but none for SCCS. Since SCCS is sun's "native" source code control, I thought I'd share a simplified SCCS macro set. It seems to work very nicely with nedit.

To install this, first download the macro file, sccs.nm. Then either copy it to $HOME/.neditmacro, or add it to the end of your existing one. [Yes, there is no 's' on the end]

Finally, in NEdit, pull up the
Preferences->Default Settings->Customize Menus->macro menu
and input the following values:

Menu EntrySCCS Checkout
Macro Command to ExecuteSCCSCheckOut()

[hit (Apply), then similarly put in]

Menu EntrySCCS Checkin
Macro Command to ExecuteSCCSCheckin()

Finally, use Preferences->Save Defaults..., and you're all set to use the SCCS hooks from the Macro pulldown menu.

Written by:Philip Brown
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