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Items on this page are resources that I think are important enough that I want a quick reference to, whereever I am. With possibly one exception, they are all solaris related.

Sadly, at this point, they are all very old. Mostly written around 2000. But keeping this stuff for historical purposes.

Table of contents
Informative Pages
Sun Links
Tools and programs
Solaris x86 friendly vendors
Solaris Fun

Informative Pages

Non-solaris info: (Just cause ABit doesnt seem to have a download site any more) If youre looking for a user manual for the ABit BP6, download it here

Really important Sun links

.... I used to have a collection of obscure but really useful links directly inside sun.com URLS here. But since oracle bought sun,their website under .sun.com no longer functions :( I used to have links for things like the following

For recovering Disksuite or Veritas Volumns, Sun has released tools to let you boot off the net and recover them. They called them the Rapid Recovery tools.

Tools and programs

Speaking of book type things, the O'Reilly Motif Programing books are now freely available for download.

Bluefish is an HTML editor that is recommended by quite a few people.

Feeling left out of AOL instance messaging? They dont seem to publicise that they have a java version! It's called "QuickBuddy".
Unfortunately, they made it launch with javascript, so here's the Direct start page. You need a "direct" connection. The java version does not work through proxies. It does work through NAT, though.
I recommend using it with appletviewer. That way it doesnt drag down your browser. eg:

/usr/java1.1/bin/appletviewer http://toc.oscar.aol.com/tic.html

Other folk's scripts

Drivers and low-level tools

A list of other drivers (mostly vendor drivers, without source) can be found on the solarisonintel mailing list ISV/IHV database pages


This section holds links to a limited set of vendors. I am making this section for hard-to-find items.

Solaris fun

And now, some links for fun with solaris! (party like it's 1999, ha)

DVD Player

Ogle is a DVD player that alegedly runs on both Solaris and Linux. I havent tried it myself - I have a standalone DVD player, and a Playstation 2. I dont need to watch DVDs on my computer :-)

But for general playing of mov,mpeg, and DIVX format files, I like Xine. It's an easy compile, and plays most anything, including mp3 and wav. Trouble is, the controls are quirky, and dont always STOP :-) So for audio, I prefer...

MP3/WAV/audio Player

XMMS, the best audio player available for Solaris, IMO. Only drawback is that it doesnt handle CD playing properly, in my experience. To jass it up, try the XLiquid "Skin" for it. BTW: a binary for XMMS is available via pkg-get

Precompiled games

RuneScape. 3d RPG. NICE!!
The site also has quite a few "classic" games, done in java, like Checkers, Chess, as well as a few new ones. These are converted to a 3d view, with proffesional quality graphics!

  • Nuclear War (I dont quite understand this one)
  • 3d shooter, and racing game, at http://www.brackeen.com/home/
  • Misc other impressive games at JavaGaming.org Apart from java games, a good trick is to look for linux games, and try to compile them ;-)
    A nice single place to look is Debian's 'games' source repository!

    But here's some other games I specifically like:

    You'll look at Angband, and say "What, no graphics? this sux". But try PLAYING it for 10 minutes :-)

    If you would like to actually see all those damn "EMBED"ed movies in browsers more easily...; try installing Plugger. It's a neat tool that lets you tell netscape, "Go play that 'embedded' stuff in an external window" (So not only do you get to see it, but you're less crash-prone now, too)

    Speaking of movies, http://xine.sourceforge.net/ is rumored to be a DVD player program that works under solaris as well as other UNIXen.


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