PS/2 Mouse hint for solaris x86

Just recently, I swapped out my motherboard for an ATX one. This menas I had to swap my old serial mouse for a PS/2 style one. So I bought a nice cheap $19 Logitech "first mouse".

This is an excellent mouse, for three reasons:

1. It's from logitech
2. It has the proper three buttons
3. It's cheap!

However, after doing a configuration reboot, and supposedly adding driver support... I couldnt find a link for the mouse in /dev! Oddly, solaris seems to have forgotten to make one. So here's how you do it yourself. First, look in /devices/isa/

There SHOULD be an entry like "kdmouse@1,60:l"

If not, you have to reboot again, and probe for a PS/2 style mouse. (or buy a new mouse)

Then, as root, cd to /dev, and do

   ln -s ../devices/isa/kdmouse* kdmouse

Unfortunately, I don't know if that is sufficient for Sun's X server. But I know that if you are running XFree86, all you have to do now is add

Section "Pointer"
   Protocol        "PS/2"
   Device          "/dev/kdmouse"
to /etc/XF86Config, and you should be all set as far as mouse config goes.

Written by: Philip Brown
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