Sun monitor under solaris x86

After MUCH tweaking, I got my old SUN 17-inch monitor to work under solaris x86. THIS WILL PROBABLY NOT WORK WITH ALL Sun monitors. But I can at least say it works with my GDM17E10. This model seems to be more flexible than others. It actually displays DOS mode text with no further tweaks required. Other monitors will not, but they MAY be coaxed to be happy in graphics mode. I don't know.

Please note that I had to spend $80 in hardware also. But the good news is, I didn't buy a "special", "fixed-frequency" card.

If you are REALLY brave, and have a lot of experience with electronics, you may choose to rewire your monitor, as per directions at

Please also note: The restof this file is currently only under Xfree86. I'm still working on trying to convince the Sun X server to be happy with it

Here's the config

Please READ the comments therein, and install to /etc/XF86Config, and then adjust for your own graphics card.

The odd thing is, there is a Linux how-to, on converting xfree86 configs to "Xinside" specifications. Which is what I think the solaris x86 X server is based on. Unfortunately, it doesnt seem to work for this :-(
But just in case you want to try, here's a local copy of the howto.
Random monitor related info: has a simple monitor calibration picture that you acn use as a reference, to tweak the colours on your monitor. I saved a copy of their image here just in case their site goes away someday. Pertinent info: