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Bolthole.com is a mix of Solaris info, Java programming, and other techie tips. Things get added in somewhat chaotic fashion, so what follows is a slightly abbreviated list of contents. If you still can't find what you are looking for, try the Search Page

Top-level contents

Solaris Topics
Platform-independant Solaris page
Intel-specific Solaris page
Sparc-specific Solaris page
Solaris device driver page

Free software for download
FreeHA, a free High Availability demon
KDrill, My program for helping folks learn Kanji characters
Filter, A classic email filter for UNIX
Java software
Partial subindex:

Programming Tutorials
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (The examples use Java)
Object oriented programming in ANSI-C
AWK, the quintessential line muncher
KSH: All the shell you'll ever need
UDK related info: Helpful hints for Unreal Development Kit

Puppet related resources
Currently, I only have one public puppet resource: a Solaris-specific module to allow setting of SMF properties via puppet: svcprop

Linux miscellany
Minecraft Meanderings
AWS (Amazon Web Services) tips
GCP (Google Cloud Platform) tips

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