JDrill v 0.1.2

This is a mini-version of "Jdrill", the java version of "kdrill".

This should be considered a MINIMAL stripped-down version of the "real thing", which is a (Free)standalone application. Unfortunately, it takes a fair amount of installation, but if you are serious about learning Japanese, I think it will be worth your while. Please take a look at the screenshots for the full version, or you won't realize what you're missing.

This page is for demonstration purposes only
And it isn't a particularly good demonstration, I'm afrid. It takes a long time to load.

Only grade 1 kanji are enabled in this applet, to save on my bandwidth.

[This is a java applet. You don't have java support in your browser]

This applet requires netscape 3.0
OR... the new hotjava browser! (Unfortunately, I do not believe any others handle java + unicode)

For local viewing, once you have downloaded everything, you should be able to use appletviewer from JDK 1.1, with some modifications to the JDK config files,so you don't have to waste an extra 3 megs of RAM running a browser.
If you follow the modifications mentioned, you should even be able to use the JDK 1.1 appletviewer to view the applet from this page directly. HOWEVER...

If you like "jdrill", please download the "real thing", and run it on your local machine. You'll get better startup performance that way, after all.

Feel free to copy this page and applet for your own use (as long as you don't claim you wrote it!)

What to do

The top grey button by default displays a kanji character. Your goal is to select the button in the set of 5 below, that matches the meaning. If you have no idea, you can "cheat".

Also, if you get bored with kanji-to-english, you can press both "toggle" buttons, to change things for english-to-kanji guessing.
[This is a two-step process, because eventually you will have the choice of english, kanji, or kana. At that point, you may wish to change one, without changing the other.]



If you have problems displaying the applet from a browser, you are probably behind a firewall or other filter. If you'd really like to see this run, you need to download the relevant files.

no kanji display?

Your computer may not have a japanese/unicode font installed. Go to my test page to find out.


If you want to download something, I strongly suggest you download the standalone program, since that is where my future development efforts are headed.

Got a minute to let me know what you think? Send me some feedback


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