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"bolt-hole: a place of escape or refuge" - Webster's dictionary

Fun Stuff

[www.megatokyo.com] Megatokyo is a popular anime and mangi-inspired webcomic.
Some years ago, I threw together a quick list of why I like Japanese animation. Life, Turnerised, with an upbeat soundtrack?

[GPF-Comic] And then for the techies, there's GPF. A comedy about some crazy people at a small fictional computer software company.

Playstation guides

Okay, I mostly wrote these when I was 20, and I'm 30 older now... I'll keep them here for historical purposes anyway :)

My computer history

I actually wrote this one, relatively recently, but since it is about "old stuff", I'll keep it on this page, I suppose.
My colorful programming past

Other sites

Yes, the ubiquitous 'links page' Mostly for my own usage, but you may find some of these other sites useful.